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Basketball Officiating Review for Teenage Referees
2003 - 2004


Use this document as a simple review sheet.  Use it by yourself; or better yet -  go over it with your partner before each game.  The children playing the next game deserve the best you can give.



1.     Mechanics

a.  Use your whistle to get attention – Blow a strong whistle to get everyone’s attention.  No weak whistles.

b.  Use your arm, fingers, and fist to show you are on top of things – When you whistle a foul, put your arm straight up, with your elbow locked.  When you have a violation or otherwise stop the clock, put your arm straight up, with your hand open and fingers extended.

c.  Use your voice to show control – Many time the children playing the game don’t understand basketball very well.  Make your verbal commands loudly (not to loudly) and clearly.

d.  Court Coverage - You only have 2 lines -  A basic rule for calling out of bounds balls:  you only have 2 sidelines that are your responsibility.  Only signal when they are your sidelines.  If you need help with a call, clearly point to your partner and raise your hands up in the “I’m not sure position.”  Whatever your partner then calls is final.  There is no value in discussing your options.  If neither of you saw it, signal a jump ball and move on.

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