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 Nineteen Youth Basketball Skill Building Competitions

By:  Gary Stocker

  1. Dribble Races Once you have taught dribbling basics you can use a variety of fun competitions to improve the skills.  The ideas listed below can be used in any number of down and back repetitions.  You can divide the children into as many teams as you want.  2-3 teams usually works best.  Change members of the teams often to give everyone a chance to be on a winning team.  When one race is over, move on to the next one.  This lets the children briefly celebrate but not over do it.
  • One hand down One hand back
  • Weakhand:  Have the children do the race with their weak hand only.  Make sure your coaching instruction reminds them to look up at you as they race up and down the floor.
  • Crossover:  Have the children dribble R-L-R-L all the way down and back.
  • Stop and Start:  In this version, the children have to get quick starts and stops to win the race.


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