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 Which of These Youth Pitching Mistakes Does Your Son Make?

By:  Gary Stocker

Arm speed has very little to do with pitching speed and control.  It is the combination of a balanced body and explosive weight transfer during the pitch that exerts the most influence on a well-paced, controlled pitch.

It is with that concept in mind that I offer these few basic pitching tips that can help your son or youth pitcher improve both the speed of his pitches and his ability to more consistently throw strikes.  This article is written for the parents who want a few simple points to share with his/her son.  These points are basic and give the average baseball parent something that will improve their son’s pitching skills.

Mistake 1:  Your pitcher scrunches up during the first part of the pitching delivery.

Your pitcher is probably reminded about good posture at the dinner table and with other adults.  The same good posture is needed for consistent pitching speed and control.  Try to watch your pitcher as he starts is wind-up

Is his back knee bent beyond a basic weight balancing position?
Does he bend at the waist?
Does he appear to lean back toward second base?
Does he throw his head and/or shoulders towards first (if he is a right hander), third (if he is a left hander)?

If you see any of these pitching flaws taking place, you have a ‘Scruncher’.  Any of these improper pitching mechanics creates an inconsistent transfer of weight as the pitcher moves forward into his pitch.  This will result in a very inconsistent ability to throw pitches over the plate with any acceptable consistency.

How to fix Mistake 1:  Keep the back knee flexed in the early part of the wind up and the back straight.

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